About Us 關於我們

World Sporting Goods Co.

We have accumulated many years experience in design with our own plant, such as name badges, crystalline glass, silver cup, medals, pennants, etched metal certificates & ODM (on designing manufactory) wellcome.

We'll aim for good quality, unique & valuable memory.

Our Company located at Kwai Fong nearby Ever Gain Plaza), welcome to call us or visit us for more details.





Services 服務

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Trophy Cups 獎盃

We provide a variety of style and materials, such as electroplate, plastic, crystal, metal, pewter and dolomite etc. Our supplies come from different countries design & elegance.


Medals 獎牌

Assorted size, colour, it more than 48 styles and patterns for your choice.


Pennants 旗幟

In producing all kinds of pennants, such as school flags, banners, national ensign, flying colours etc., also designed for specially occasion.

承造各類型旗幟,例如校旗、旅行旗、會旗、獎旗、海事旗、國家旗等, 美輪美奐,提供專業設計。

Product 產品

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Marble 石材系列
Acrylic 壓克力獎座
Crystal & Coloured Glaze 水晶琉璃
Trophy Cup 獎杯